2014 BELLARINE 2050, FORUM 4





A group of people interested in the future of The Bellarine require passionate

local leaders to get involved with determining how it will look, feel and function by 2050.

View the video of Prof. Hisham Elkadi our guest speaker. More videos to be added soon.

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Members of Bellarine2050 are aiming to secure
the region’s food, water, energy and biodiversity,
so that the community can prosper culturally,
socially, environmentally and financially.

FORUM 4 Focus:
• Committee for Bellarine – more effective community
• Collective vision for The Bellarine.
• Support for key growth and future services
• Links to Local Government at all levels.
• Links to State & Federal Government at Ministerial &
senior staff levels.



Identified Issues:
• Current population is 110,000 during summer holiday
• Future population is estimated at 220,000 by 2040.
• Structure plans for individual towns need to reflect
regional strategy.
• Long-term planning for The Bellarine.
• Community confidence in Local Government.
• Township community associations to reflect
community aspirations.
• Proportional spending ie. rates to return, needs to
be more thoroughly addressed
• Additional maintenance and capital expenditure
must keep abreast of growth

Big Picture:
• Bellarine 2050 Our Place, Our Future Program.
• Education – preschool, primary, secondary and
• Transportation – goods and services.
• Communication – voice, data and telephony.
• Bricks and mortar retailing versus online shopping.
• The Bellarine – own identity and brand.
• Locally based employment opportunites now and

• Membership base.
• DPCD / grant application for community contact

Forum 4 / Aim and Outcomes Creation of an integrated development and investment strategy for The Bellarine.

Forum 4 / Aim and Outcomes – Creation of an integrated development and
investment strategy for The Bellarine.

Forum 4 / Aim and Outcomes

Creation of an integrated development and 
investment strategy for The Bellarine to be used 
by Victorian Government, G21 and COGG for future 
planning and investment programs in conjuction 
with the Committee for Bellarine.

a) Develop a plan directing public and private 
investment in The Bellarine towards a post-carbon 

• Develop a comprehensive database and
current assessment of The Bellarine relating to
demographics, commerce, environment, social and
cultural aspects.
• Develop a meaningful set of sustainability indicators
for regional growth.
• Propose principles for regional growth.
• Identify key themes for regional development.
• Develop a shared vision/directions for The Bellarine.
• Develop, assess and combine scenarios for regional
• Propose lighthouse projects on The Bellarine.

b) Provide The Bellarine Community with the voice
to express their vision for The Bellarine towards
• Facilitate ongoing ownership and development of
community projects.
• Develop social capital within the community

c) Identify opportunities and locations for
investment in local ‘green’ projects (projects that
promote food, water, energy and biodiversity

d) Seek reference to exisiting and provide for
proposed strategic plans.
• Review existing plans and strategies for The
Bellarine (particularly from COGG, G21 and Victorian
• Provide a platform to input into updating COGG’s
Bellarine Peninsula Strategic Plan 2006-2016 and
extending the vision towards 2050.