Are we too late to learn and act

I am a newbie gardener so I was not surprised by the crop failures last Tuesday threw at me but it was eye opening. Resilience is the only way forward for now.

I have been absorbed on the internet lately and have come across stuff this past month or so that is amazing.

The solutions are out there and Ted talks and the internet are spreading them around. I find some pretty cool stuff. Exciting times.

My fungi guru (meaning, I love his work) even hinted at the fact that mushrooms may have given us the internet in order to alert us to the fact that they are the solutions and to stop destroying the old growth forests before the true bounty of them is known to man.

It was suggested, no stated, that mycelium are sentient forms. They respond to human movement on the earth and react for nutrient mining, or something I didn’t quite grasp the first time around, more than pain or anything.

Pain was my first amateur thought but it was infinitely more detailed than that. How cool? Another scientist. Really a scientist, not a feral hippie, informed me last week via U tube that he also truly believes mushrooms and in particular psilocybin(magic) mushrooms held the great answers.

He proposed that mankind could be truly enlightened as to how interconnected everything is simply by experiencing the wonders it opens up – the weather, the climate, the animals, the humans.

He was proposing that if enough humans had the experience then it would naturally follow that there would be more leadership and widespread programs in place to do the very things that can be done in the time frame we have left to act. Ecologists have known forever that everything on Earth is helplessly and miraculously interconnected and many humans have also known this for a long time. Yogis in particular spring to mind.

So I have learned that is too late for renewable energies to make the difference needed to maintain our lifestyles and that man will not give up the lifestyle and that is easily obvious to everyone. It is also simply too late for that to help. That was big news to me.

We all understand that our old growth forests are worth protecting and that, in so called less developed worlds, they are still being destroyed legally and illegally.

The knowledge in what is left of the world’s old growth forest is not beyond our grasp anymore. We need leadership to act as a matter of urgency to stop the destruction as soon as possible of what is left of the planets old growth forests.

So many reasons for this would make this email ten times as long. The value of them is priceless beyond the many sustainable pharmaceuticals that we will gain. Priceless beyond what most human brains currently understand. The current wealth we enjoy may not come at such a huge cost if we can reverse some of the damage and quickly.

Our future lies somewhat intact in some parts of the planet and maybe our money would better spent protecting and regenerating it as an urgent human action. That is the kicker isn’t it? When is that tipping point? They keep us focused on the carbon tipping point. What about ecology itself? When did the loss of 200 species a day become acceptable? Did it ever? This is a completely different tipping point to the one I have bought into for the better part of two decades. It has always been there, blowing in the wind as Dylan said but are we ready to really understand as a cohesive group?