2013 Bellarine 2050 Energy Security

2013 Bellarine 2050 “Energy Security” at Forum III

A 2013 program of the Committee for Bellarine.

Brendan McCartney / Senior Coach Bulldogs, was the introductory guest speaker at Forum 3 to be held at Suma Park, Bellarine Highway, Marcus Hill, on Friday 18th October, commencing 9.00am .

Brendan-McCartney at Bellarine2050

After Brendan’s inspirational speech the forum attendees were asked to form into adhoc groups to take part in some workshops that were to be formulated into ongoing programs for the benefit of all who live and work on the Bellarine Peninsula.

These workshops were closely monitored by the “master of ceremonies” to keep to a format of “How can we create positive outcomes for various areas of critical Food Water & Energy security issues?”

The first video to actively bring some ideas to the fore on “Energy Security” – More Soon.

Committee for Bellarine - Bellarine2050 Forum-3