Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future / Symposium Workshop Notes.

Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future  

Symposium Workshop Notes OCT. 2011.

Vision, Direction & Values

Give direction
Address difficulties
Semi-urban garden city
Separate from Geelong
Need Vision/Direction
Clear identity for the Bellarine
Vision – anchored by community values
Learning society
Driven by principles & ideas- not rigid plans


Separate Council for Bellarine
Separate Council
Planning – specific Dept for Bellarine
CfB invite representatives from each Town
Community voice
Links to CoGG Councillors
Links/influence into Local, State, Federal bureaucracies


Establishment of an iconic arts precinct
More cultural capital for the Bellarine
Define Bellarine culture


Expanded education hub – off Grubb Rd
Tertiary education
Applied sciences & engineering


Great sense of community
Community planning – long term
Individual communities – need to glue together
Places/venues for people to congregate
Ecologically sensitive and knowledgeable society
Encourage & maintain volunteerism


Preserve heritage aspects of Bellarine
Maintain village ethos

Land Use Planning

Planning – proactive statutory & strategic
Control expansion
Preserve boundaries of coastal settlements
Retention of scenic quality
Encourage “in-fill” development
Urban development that respect carrying capacity

Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Maintain lifestyle
Community wellbeing – social infrastructure
Housing choice/affordability – ownership & rental
Youth involvement & interaction
Services for ageing population

Local Economy

More local employment
Emphasis on local employment
Tourism – active throughout the whole year in all Bellarine towns
Festivals spread out – not on same weekends
Grow tourism industry
Sustainable tourism
Protect & promote tourism
Tourism – central location – higher profile
Tourism – consistent with lifestyle
Boating precinct- marina development
Support recreational fishing
Farm based tourism
Cottage industries in tourism
Protect fishing industry
Only two genuine Bellarine farmers – excluding wineries
Food security CoE – hydroponics

Investment strategy

More local business services – i.e. accounting, banking


Transport infrastructure solutions
Drysdale Ring Road
Water ferry – to/from Bellarine
Extension of rall across the Bellarine
Solar monorail
Safe cycling routes
Promote bikes & pedestrian facilities and network
Walkable suburbs, communities
Better connected Bellarine communities
Aged friendly transport


Protect natural landscape
Plant-out & protect areas
Green regeneration – planning & envisioning
Paddocks to forest
Don’t mess with the ecology


Harness tidal power
Self energy communities – get off the grid
Waste reuse
Understanding of water, food, energy needs

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