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A group of people interested in the future of The Bellarine
is looking for passionate leaders to get involved with
 how it will look, feel and function by 2050.

Forum 4 / Aim and Outcomes
Creation of an integrated development and
investment strategy for The Bellarine to be used
by Victorian Government, G21 and COGG for future
planning and investment programs in conjuction
with the Committee for Bellarine.

REBECCA LAUNER – March 27 2014   

Member Jessica Chapman said Bellarine2050, which
is a subsection of the Committee for Bellarine but run
by a group of students, was looking for people who
were passionate about The Bellarine and interested in
influencing its development.
“We are particularly looking at young people, as they are
responsible for the future of our region,” Ms Chapman

“If you are a local secondary school or university student,
a local professional/entrepreneur, a farmer, an artist or a
designer, we want you to join us.
“We are particularly looking for leaders who want to head
this project, to lead other passionate people and to consult
with council, consultants and others to achieve this vision.”

Ms Chapman said the group aimed to hold yearly forums
for people to think about the region and produce ideas
and plans for its improvement.
“We will collaborate with government, consultants and
investors to analyse the feasibility of these ideas and to
plan their realisation.”

 She said work with collaborating partners was also under way to provide the foundations of the project – such as urban planning analysis and case studies, research on population statistics and analysis of new farming technologies.

Ms Chapman said the Bellarine2050 group would meet on a monthly basis, and would run activities on some weekends to engage the public and promote awareness.“If you are unable to commit to monthly meetings, but are still interested, the yearly forums that we will hold will be opportunities for you to outline your view of the Bellarine in the future.”