Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future / Forum 4 THE BELLARINE TODAY FOR TOMORROW

Group calls on leaders to influence
The Bellarine’s future on 20th JUNE at

2014 Bellarine 2050 FORUM 4

Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future / Forum 4


Committee for Bellarine’s open invitation to engage community representation.

Thank you to all speakers who generously donated their time and energy, and all volunteers that assisted. Thank you to Terindah Estate our gracious host, and staff.

The Committee for Bellarine is comprised of ALL Volunteers.


Bellarine2050 Forum 4

Bellarine2050 Forum 4 – Prof. Hisham Elkadi

 Key note speaker Professor Hisham Elkadi’s


Wisdom of the Crowd” concept highlights the need for more collective intelligent solutions. “There is a need first to uncover ‘all’ possible scenarios that might be brought forward by a ‘crowd’; a crowd that is not only consists of experts but rather a wide church that include active involvement of stakeholders “ Following on from the outcomes of the previous three forums, the focus of Forum 4 will be on outcomes that are representative of the needs and aspirations of The Bellarine and our community.” says Committee for Bellarine CEO Tom O’Connor.

Opportunities for sustainable community and economic development in the tourism, agriculture, aquaculture, education, retirement, health, transport and communication sectors will be presented and thoroughly explored.”

To quote our keynote speaker Prof. Elkadi – “Inclusivity of the community is essential to proceed.” he said “It is about the collective confidence of the local community and must be targeted to ensure the outcomes are in line with that basic principle.

Our outcomes must be sustainable – must be improved and enhanced with a focus on issues and opportunities by the Bellarine community.

Bellarine2050 Forum 4

Bellarine2050 Forum 4

More information on the Forum will be included here soon…