Why a campaign now?

As you may know, local people have been calling for a Drysdale bypass for some years now, but it doesn’t appear to be any nearer to being built. However, a concerted campaign now is likely to succeed for several reasons:

1. The 2104 state election. The state government funds bypasses, so its support is crucial. In the next election, the seat of Bellarine – which includes Drysdale & Clifton Springs – is likely to be a marginal seat. (In the 2010 state election, Ms Lisa Neville [ALP] held the seat by just 2.74% after preferences.) Consequently, the major parties will want to promise voters they’ll get what they need – including a Drysdale bypass.

2. Traffic numbers. Vic Roads would build the Drysdale bypass and it already owns about 50% of the land required. Vic Roads have stated that the traffic capacity of Drysdale High Street is 24,000 vehicles a day – at which point a bypass becomes a necessity. In mid-2011, Vic Roads found that 18,000 vehicles a day use the High Street. In other words, a year ago, Drysdale had 2/3 of the traffic ‘needed’ for a bypass. Since then, the local population has increased and it will continue to do so.

3. The 2012 council election. Council support for a Drysdale bypass – while not essential – would boost the campaign. In September or October, DCSCA will hold a public forum at which candidates for election to our local wards – Cheetham and Coryule – can say whether and how they will support the bypass campaign

How can I help the campaign?

The Drysdale bypass will be built if sufficient public pressure is placed on the relevant decision-makers. You can help the campaign by becoming part of that public pressure. Attached to this letter is a list of those decision-makers’ names and addresses and I urge you to write to as many of them as you can. The list includes some arguments about the bypass that may help you to decide what you want to say.

Could you please send a copy of your letter/s to DCSCA (P.O. Box 581, Drysdale 3222), so that we can show just how much support there is for the bypass.

If you received this letter in the post, could you please tell us your e-mail address if you have one – it makes it easier and cheaper for us to contact you. (Our e-mail address is We won’t divulge your details without asking you.

Finally, DCSCA posts details of the campaign online ( – you might like to visit it occasionally to keep up to date.
Thanks again for your interest in the campaign for a Drysdale bypass.
Patrick Hughes
Secretary, DCSCA Inc.20 June 2012

(Incorporation No. A0046568H)

Post: P.O. Box 581, Drysdale, Victoria 3222

E-mail: Online:




Ask each of them to tell state politicians how the bypass fits-in with broader local transport strategies (e.g. the ring road, the Portarlington ferry) and how it will boost the local economy by improving transport links with Geelong & Melbourne.
Federal MP for Corio (including Drysdale & Clifton Springs)
Hon. Richard Marles
P.O. Box 6022, House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
Tel.: (02) 6277 4330 Fax: (02) 6277 8488
State MP for Bellarine (including Drysdale & Clifton Springs)
Hon. Lisa Neville
Shop 1, Centro Newcombe, 71 Bellarine Highway, Newcombe 3219
Tel.: 5248 3462 Fax: 5248 5294
Local councillors
City of Greater Geelong, P.O. Box 104, Geelong 3220
Cr. John Doull Cr. Rod Macdonald
Coriyule Ward Cheetham Ward
Tel. 0448 560 897 Tel. 0458 509 994
E-mail: E-mail:
If you’re unsure which ward you’re in, ask at the CoGG Customer Information Centre or go to CoGG’s website: (Click on ‘Council’, then ‘Mayor & councillors’). You could write to both councillors, because the bypass affects people in both wards.


Local tourism association

Tell them that a bypass will increase the north Bellarine’s attractiveness as a destination by improving traffic flow and ‘releasing’ Drysdale town centre for more leisurely movement. Ask them to contact councillors and state politicians.

Geelong Otway Tourism, Level 1, 48 Brougham St., Geelong 3220
Tel.: 5223 2588 Fax: 5223 2069
Local businesses

Explain how a bypass can benefit them (e.g. by making Drysdale a more attractive destination) and ask each one to contact councillors and state politicians.


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