Coal Seam Gas – Economic Bonanza or Environmental Disaster ?

Tony Windsor, Rick Wilkinson, Paul Cleary, Tony Wood, Paul Barclay
Published 13 August 2012

Coal Seam Gas – Economic Bonanza or Environmental Disaster ?

This was the debate for this panel discussion on coal seam gas at the Noosa Longweekend Festival this year.

It is and will continue to be a highly divisive and contentious issue, especially on the prime agricultural land that have been targeted for drilling.
Proponents promise high growth; that the process and extraction is very carbon friendly; that there will be big jobs growth, and there’s the big lure of billions of dollars in taxes.
But what are the risks?
How much do we really know about the science of coal seam extraction?                       What’s the impact on ground water systems as the rapidly expanding industry promotes 40,000 coal seam gas wells over the next 30 years?
A big selling point for the CSG industry is the promise of a decrease in carbon emissions and huge export income.
But the biggest concern, both sides agreed, is the issue of water contamination.
This expert panel takes on board these contentious issues; but there is a fair bit of ducking and weaving when it comes to rock solid evidence – on either side.
Panellists are Independent Federal MP, Tony Windsor, Rick Wilkinson from the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association; Paul Cleary, journalist with The Australian and author of Too Much Luck: the Mining Boom and the Future for Australia and Tony Wood – Energy Program Director at the Grattan Institute.
The moderator is Paul Barclay, from ABC’s Radio National.

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