Subject: Guy – Melbourne, let’s talk about the future (media release)

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Subject: Guy – Melbourne, let’s talk about the future (media release)

Subject: Guy - Melbourne, let’s talk about the future (media release)
Friday 26 October 2012
Melbourne, let’s talk about the future
Victorians are encouraged to have their say on metropolitan planning, during the next phase of community consultation, to develop a shared vision for greater Melbourne and Victoria.
Planning Minister Matthew Guy today launched a discussion paper Melbourne, let’s talk about the future to inform the development of the new Metropolitan Planning Strategy and to seek further public consultation into the development of the strategy.
“Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city, but we won’t remain that way through a business as usual approach. This is why the Victorian Coalition Government is reforming metropolitan planning and putting forward a long-term vision for our capital city,” Mr Guy said.
“In getting on with developing a new metropolitan planning strategy, which will guide the growth of Melbourne over the next forty years, there must be significant community consultation.
“The release of the first discussion paper will encourage Melburnians to again be a part of this process and will hopefully challenge the way we think about our state’s capital city and how it will grow in the future,”
Mr Guy said.
The discussion paper, developed by the expert Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC) on Metropolitan Planning Strategy, canvasses a number of key issues that are expected to attract debate including:
· growing the central city as a 24-hour world city;
· delivering jobs and services to our outer suburbs;
· using our existing infrastructure more efficiently; and
· consideration of a permanent boundary around parts of the
metropolitan area.
“Melbourne has a history of integrated long-term strategic planning starting with the Hoddle Grid well over 150 years ago,” Mr Guy said.
“It is time to build on this foundation and engage with the community about how to shape a strategy that is visible, tangible and meets short, medium and long-term goals.
“We need to develop a strategy that drives productivity, secures Melbourne’s liveabilty and ensures Melbourne is a dynamic world class city.
“An understanding of what role Melbourne will play in Victoria and how Melbourne’s role will complement our regional centres will be critical,” Mr Guy said.
MAC has engaged in significant consultation with key stakeholders right across the Melbourne metropolitan area in the lead up to the development of the discussion paper.
Chair of the MAC, Professor Roz Hansen said that the discussion paper is designed to generate debate and engage with the community on the future of metropolitan Melbourne.
“Today’s announcement is the culmination of months of discussions and workshops with local councils, community groups and industry experts,”
Professor Hansen said.
“The logical next step is to open discussion up to the community and this paper does exactly that.”
The discussion paper has been developed around nine strategic principles to encourage debate and generate discussion that will ultimately drive the development of a Metropolitan Planning Strategy.
“It will be important that the new metropolitan planning strategy has a clear implementation plan that can be delivered by this and successive governments,” Professor Hansen said.
The discussion paper aligns with the Coalition Government’s major reform agenda including the delivery of major infrastructure projects such as the East-West Link and Melbourne Metro, the proposed planning zone reforms and a more efficient planning system.
“Today’s announcement is about developing a vision not only for land use planning but planning for employment, transport and infrastructure delivery,” Mr Guy said.
The strategy will take a long-term view of growth and change across Melbourne and its connectivity with regional Victoria, other Australian capital cities and globally.
“Developing a metropolitan planning strategy can only succeed if there is buy-in from all stakeholders, including local community,” Mr Guy said.
“The Coalition Government is committed to supporting and facilitating community groups to participate in the debate about the new strategy’s content.
“We are committed to working with the community and drawing on a broad range of expertise in developing the metropolitan planning strategy,” Mr Guy said.
Comments on the discussion paper close Friday 1 March 2013. View the discussion paper at
Media contact: Rachel Obradovic 0400 916 830
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