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HUB Bellarine …. Introduction                                                           21 December,2014

We believe people should be included in the processes and decisions that both shape and determine their present and future. Those with passion for the issues at hand should always be allowed and encouraged into the tent to have their conversations heard and respected.

As such, this brand new Website platform – – has been created to provide a readily available forum within which our community is encouraged to put forward their vision and views on topical issues.    In other words, a comprehensive, publicly available space within which which people like yourselves, living on and visiting The Bellarine region, are able to have their say.

What this Website platform is designed to achieve –

  • · Encourage and enable the community to identify and raise projects and issues for regular consultation through the process of open discussion topics .
  • · Encourage community feedback on multiple projects and issues and provide for multiple feedback options in the one online consultation.
  • · Enable an increase of the the demographic diversity of participants with an overall improved level of community participation.
  • · Encourage community feedback and create a sense of immediacy  within the limited time frame for each of the monthly consultations.
  • · Build a strong rapport between between community and Council through the capability and involvement of project team key staff and community input.

The range of issues is broad and covered under the following headings – Community Elements / Infrastructure / Projects / Localities.

Each month the key topics will be highlighted for your reference along with information and pointers as to where the past and present feedback is recorded.

This concept and strategy is vastly different to Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. -          you manage the consultation process, with quantifiable outcomes, rather than just a series of ongoing chats with no actionable outcomes.

It will provide capacity for specific topic based, online consultations as well as for private panel and focus group consultations.

Overall, the monthly community panel will ensure the connection is maintained and strengthened through the frequency and diversity of use – designed to build an ongoing, engaged community with ownership of and accountability for the outcomes.

The HUB Suggestions category is there for your further input on how best this valuable platform may be further structured and shaped to improve its purpose.

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