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HUB Chats

HUB Chats are a series of monthly presentations to inform, stimulate discussion, and prompt action within which our community is encouraged to put forward their vision and views.  

A comprehensive, publicly accessible space where people hear from key national and international presenters and in turn have their say on the processes and decisions that will shape and determine the future of The Bellarine.

The focus is on inspirational, visionary leadership built around clearly established values and principles and aimed at enhancing the skill, experience, and accountability at both community and local government levels – noble aspirations but unapologetically fundamental for our future.

They represent the active forums of HUB Bellarine, a digital platform for community engagement, and will cover topics ranging through social, cultural, environmental and financial interests where you manage the consultation process with quantifiable outcomes rather than being just a series of ongoing chats with no actionable outcomes.

The monthly community panel will ensure the connection is maintained and strengthened through the frequency and diversity of use – designed to build an ongoing, engaged community with ownership of and accountability for the outcomes.

HUB Chats are to –

· Encourage and enable our community to identify and raise projects and /or  issues for regular consultation through the process of open discussion.

· Enable community feedback on multiple projects and issues and provide for multiple feedback options through one online consultation.

· Ensure an increase of the demographic diversity of participants thus an overall improved level of community participation.

· Create a sense of immediacy through the monthly on-line consultations within a limited time frame.

· Build a strong rapport between community and Council through the capability and involvement of the project team key staff and community input.

The first of the series, run over a six month period, will commence Wednesday April 15th starting at 7.00pm until 8.00pm, at the Potato Shed, Drysdale, here on The Bellarine.

For registration and further details, go to either Facebook HUB Bellarine or