Clean Green Bellarine

Committee for Bellarine Key Programs

committee for bellarine

objectives and actions:

Key Programs:

The following are key programs of the
Committee for Bellarine


The Bellarine 2050

  • Bellarine 2050 Program description:

  • To conduct thorough quantitative and qualitative research and analysis towards building a comprehensive data base and current assessment of The Bellarine.

  •  To identify major needs issues and opportunities that will benefit community, environment, commerce and future development on The Bellarine using the data base.

  • Bellarine 2050 Program objectives:

  • Develop a comprehensive data base and information/research resource for community, commercial, government and planning organisations.

  • Identify major issues, needs, priorities and opportunities on The Bellarine.

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Clean Green Bellarine

  • Clean Green Bellarine is a leadership website program committed to encouraging a sustainable approach to growth on the Bellarine, growth appropriate for our existing and future communities.

    We are community members, we are non-partisan and we work equally cooperatively with government, regulatory authorities, private and community partners.
    Clean Green Bellarine encourages major projects on the Bellarine, with a focus on sustainable development that positively promotes the region.


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