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Committee for Bellarine Vision

committee for bellarine

The Vision:

Developing the vision for Committee for Bellarine
looking at the group of people interested in the network.

The following became clear –

*We are community based, ie. made up of locals with diverse skills and interests

*We recognize that growth on The Bellarine is inevitable.

*We want to protect our own investments in real estate, lifestyle, businesses and relationships.

*We know that a sustainable future includes fostering business and the creation of employment within The Bellarine.

*We care about the environment and the people of the region.

*We need to be non-partisan and relentlessly positive.

*We have strengths that include a broad range of specific skills, experience and knowledge; an extensive range and quality of contacts; access to funds and funding sources; time and energy;
and innovative thinking and openness to BIG IDEAS!


So, the vision is:

To identify, facilitate and promote specific sustainability activities on the Bellarine relating to water, waste, energy and biodiversity.

Identify = we take ideas and create real projects.
Facilitate = we connect the appropriate people, find practical solutions and define next steps.
Promote = we communicate openly, responsibly and effectively within our network, our partners, the community, and the media.
The proposed values are:

 Inclusive | Positive | Clever