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The Committe for Bellarine is a respected community member association that values the support of the included businesses and organisations below.






Committee for Bellarine Benefits

committee for bellarine

Strategic Benefits:

Strategic Benefits for the Bellarine Region

Historically, The Bellarine Peninsula has a past steeped in farming, land management, aquaculture, equine industry, recreation and tourism. The region is literally a ‘greenfield’ for sustainable development – not yet overdeveloped, overpopulated or destroyed by overuse and is a perfect environment of mixed-use inland areas with both bayside and ocean coastlines.
It is currently populated by a diverse mix of potentially responsive people, many well-educated and professional ‘seachangers’ and retired, community-minded folk; sufficient numbers of industry captains and tertiary students; and countless SMEs and cottage businesses.

Its cluster of townships provides a population/catchment that will support initiatives not viable for one township working in isolation, close enough to Melbourne for two way commuting, and coupled with the marketing and promotion of ideas and events.

 committee for bellarine

is a program of the Committee for Bellarine.

The CGB logo reflects this with the interdependency of the four components represented in the leaves, the people and community as the stem.


The CGB website has been integrated into this CfB website which will be updated with information on local and global ecological issues, the best place to keep up to date and also have your say, is our groupsite FORUM here.

You can register to write and post your opinions in the FORUM simply and quickly.
If you a hesitant to do so, you can always read the content freely without logging in. When you become familiar with the topics and issues you can then register to answer the Forum posts that you want to reply to. Your participation is totally up to you, but we would like to hear from everyone in the local Bellarine community.

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Committee for Bellarine Purpose

committee for bellarine

Statement of Purpose:

The Committee for Bellarine will act as a catalyst by researching, validating, building community support, and initiating, longer-term projects.
These will materially improve the quality of life for all citizens of the Bellarine in harmony with the many community groups and institutions also working in the interests of the Bellarine community by –
Stimulating innovation and leadership
Building a community-wide understanding of the evolving national and international landscape together with a community consensus of the steps required to benefit from these evolutionary changes.
Pursuing policies to improve community prosperity. 
This will require stimulating employment and economic opportunities by promoting the strengths of the region’s diverse infrastructure, human resources and potential for growth. This recognizes the need to drive innovation and dynamism throughout The Bellarine business community.
Creating employment opportunities. 
Advocating an environment of awareness among residents, ratepayers, business owners, local / State/ Federal governments of the need for support for the creation of an alternative base for employment opportunities.
Improving sustainability education and knowledge management.

Promoting the concept of managing for environmental sustainability whilst maintaining a balance with a healthy economy aligned with a strong sense of social well-being and the natural environment.
Promoting The Bellarine 
Promoting The Bellarine as an attractive location for cultural, recreational, and tourism pursuits the recognizes the outstanding geographic, historical, social and rural features of the region.
Encouraging youth participation. 
Advocating for the social, cultural, environmental and economic infrastructure necessary to provide the opportunity to fulfill their potential within specific areas of education, health, transport, communications, culture, housing, and related human services.

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