A two part series of presentations to challenge and stimulate our collective approach to the opportunities and challenges within our region.

Where: Bellarine Estate Winery,

2270 Portarlington Road, Bellarine.Buy-Bellarine-BELLARINE ESTATE

Location of BUYBELLARINE Produce Barn,

a Committee for Bellarine program.






 M.C. Peter Kronborg oversees the proceedings for the evening.


YOUTUBE VIDEO of Introduction – Part 2 Scene #1.

“The Future of Work” presented by Dr. Jude Walker / Futurist & Labour Market Analyst.  


“The Future of Work” YOUTUBE VIDEO of Presentation – Part 2 Scene #2

“Response to the Commission of Enquiry Report” presented by Lawrence Elms / Founder Elms Partners, international group based in London & Dubai.    


“Response to the Commission of Enquiry Report”  Presentation – Part 2 Scene #3




First Part: – When :  Thursday March 24th 2016  –  **Successfully COMPLETED as below..

 MARCH 2016 – Keynote speaker / Lawrence Elms – founder Elms Partners.

Elms Partners is an master real estate developer and development partner based in Dubai and London specialising in creating sustainable urban communities and the places and spaces within them, from inception to completion, generating highly valued real estate in every sense.
Elms Partners was formed in 2008 by Lawrence Elms, a 23-year veteran of international development with extensive experience in landmark, strategic, and transformative development projects undertaken by public-private partnerships (PPP).
Lawrence was the senior development executive on Taipei 101 (the world’s tallest building at the time), then CEO of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC – a $4 billion mixed-use project totalling approximately 2 million square meters) during its conception and construction.
Developed in phases and involving multiple developers and investors, DIFC is the epitome of the large-scale PPP project Elms Partners is organised to lead as Master Developer.
Refer for more detail.

ELMS Partners Vision for ‘eastshore Geelong’
ELMS Eastshore Geelong VIC

Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future / Forum 3 Brendan McCartney

Hope you did not miss

2013 BELLARINE 2050 Forum 3,




We listened to one of the great leaders in AFL,

Brendan McCartney / Senior Coach Bulldogs.


This inspirational video clip from the Rising Star awards gives you a small insight into how a great leader thinks and engages his audience, as well as to the character of the person. His talk was extremely motivating to all who attended the 2013 Bellarine 2050 Forum 3.
Rising Star: McCartney steals the show Watch the Bulldogs coach’s stirring speech at the NAB AFL Rising Star award lunch

Brendan was the introductory guest speaker at Forum 3 to be held at Suma Park,

Bellarine Highway, Marcus Hill, on Friday 18th October, commencing 9.00am Rising Star: McCartney steals the show.

After Brendon’s inspirational speech the forum attendees were asked to form into adhoc groups to take part in some workshops that were to be formulated into ongoing programs for the benefit of all who live and work on the Bellarine Peninsula.

These workshops were closely monitored by the “master of ceremonies” to keep to a format of  

“How can we create positive outcomes for various areas of critical Food Water & Energy security issues?”

The first video to actively bring some ideas to the fore on “Energy Security” – More soon..

 Click HERE for Full size VIDEO

BELLARINE 2050 Our Place Our Future / Forum 3

On 18th October, at Suma Park, the Committee for Bellarine will conduct the next and third of its
Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future forums, commencing 9.00 am
with guest speaker Brendan McCartney / Coach AFL Bulldogs, to be followed by a series of managed workshops, and lunch at 12.30pm with a keynote guest speaker.
The program focus will be on the key elements that define great leadership and in turn a level of confidence, within the community, for the future of The Bellarine, that the unwavering vision and skills of great leadership can provide.
In line with the previous two, this forum will attract those active community members with a genuine interest in the future of The Bellarine, along with an appropriate mix of local, State and Federal Government members and staff.
For further information, the outcomes from the previous two forums are available via the website along with further information of the Forum 3 program as it becomes available.
Suma Park Conference Centre & Homestead.
2135 Bellarine Hwy, Queenscliff VIC 3225, Australia
+61 3 5258 3507  ·

“Buy Bellarine” Re-Focusing the Bellarine Community on Fresh Local Produce – be a VOLUNTEER

You Are Where You Eat:

Re-Focusing the Bellarine Community on Fresh Local Produce;

Will YOU support “Buy Bellarine” as a VOLUNTEER?

Picture yourself at the supermarket, awash in fluorescent light.

You’re trying to stock up for the next couple of weeks, since it’s a busy time of year.

You’re trying to eat healthy, and you wish there was somewhere to go that you knew would have real fresh local produce that you could buy.
Now imagine that the Bellarine had a public market– the kind of place that’s easy to pop by to grab fresh food every couple of days.  Well we are putting this together right now and need your support in the way of keen volunteers to make this a reality.

Please fill out the no obligation secure form below for us to contact you. Thank you for your time and interest.

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EXERPT  from  on  |

The breathtaking central hall of Cleveland’s West Side Market, a major hub in the host city for this year’s International Public Markets Conference (Sept. 21-23) / Photo: PBS NewsHour via Flickr

2012 July Forum 2 on future of Bellarine

2012 Bellarine 2050,


Forum 2 on the future of the Bellarine Peninsula


A BLUEPRINT for the future development of the Bellarine Peninsula will move a step closer to completion this week.

A forum on Friday, 4th July 2012 at the Clifton Springs Golf Club, hosted by the Committee for Bellarine, is the second phase in the drafting of the Bellarine 2050 Masterplan.

 DSC_0813-smlMLC Western Victoria: Simon Ramsay


Tom O'Connor Working For Coryule

Tom O’Connor


Committee executive director Tom O’Connor said forecasts of a population explosion on the Bellarine has added urgency to the drafting of a master plan.

The plan will detail a wide range of complex social, industrial and administrative challenges associated with the effects of future growth.

He said Bureau of Statistics projections show 140,000 people almost treble the current number will call the Peninsula home by 2050. The masterplan will examine how the various residential, industrial, education and recreational issues should be identified and dealt with.

Those attending the forum will include business and community leaders, local councillors, police and emergency services and members of community organisations.

Mr O’Connor said his group would also meet with experts from Marcus Oldham College to discuss future employment strategies.

“We need to develop job opportunities linked to the many strengths of the Bellarine,” Mr O’Connor said.

“It is important we recognise and preserve the natural resources of the peninsula and the offshore potential.”

He said the employment potential of the equine, agriculture and aquaculture sectors would be high on the agenda.

The committee is also due to meet with Planning Minister Matthew Guy later this week.

“We will be looking at the urban design framework as it applies to the various towns on the Bellarine,” Mr O’Connor said.

“The future requirements for retail and service industries, public transport and roads will form the basis of that discussion.”


CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

Director, Material Thinking: Professor Paul Carter


Among the expert key note speakers due to address the forum is urban design consultant Professor Paul Carter.

CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

CEO Avalon Airport: Justin Giddings


CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

Chairman Elms Partners: Laurence Elms


CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

Acting MC: John Rae


CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

MLC Western Victoria: Simon Ramsay


CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

Head of Deakin, School of Architecture & Building: Professor Hisham Elkadi

CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012


CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012



 CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012

CfB 2050 Seminar 6-7-2012



Bellarine brainstorm 2050

Bellarine brainstorm 2050
July 13 2012

Bellarine business, community and political leaders came together last week putting up a swathe of big ideas

– some revolutionary to the economic and planning traditions of the region

– as authorities strive to thrash out a long term vision to 2050.

It began with local Bellarine surveyor turned international financier and project developer Lawrence Elms, who outlined his bold vision for a “six pier” development stretching out into Corio Bay with residential units and hotel accommodation, and a convention centre.
Then came his audacious suggestion that Alcoa could be swept from the Geelong and Bellarine landscape with an environmentally friendly community use area focusing on the natural beauty of Point Henry.
Governments could consider putting the millions of dollars of funding that has been allocated to Alcoa into a Special Economic Zone on the Bellarine.
There was great concern expressed by many speakers regarding urban sprawl across the Bellarine, with calls for harder town boundaries, a far better level of community engagement in planning and development processes, a need to switch from traditional manufacturing to the new service economy and greater emphasis on ecology.
The conference, put together by the Committee for Bellarine, was aimed at putting some “meat on the bones” of a strategy that resulted from the Bellarine 2050 Symposium in October 2011.
The Committee for Bellarine is driving a strategy that aims to secure the food, energy, employment and environmental future of the region locally. The executive director of the Committee for Bellarine, Tom O’Connor, said the Bellarine needed to have more than a series of structure plans for each township and that the focus must be on long term regional sustainability.
“The Bellarine is an area with a character, surrounded by water on three sides, with some very special geographic features,” he said.
“At the moment we have a population that swells from 45,000 to 120,000 on a summer’s day. We have to put in place better food, retail, accommodation and transport structures to maximise and harness the value of that. In 20-30 years time, we will have a permanent population that is much larger than today. That’s also a very big challenge for us today.
“We have great agricultural potential to secure food supplies locally, become sustainable water-wise, and to develop a better employment base.
“We have to take those industries to the next level and education is very important to that. Getting the right schooling, TAFE and university involvement is key to getting where we want to be in the future.”

Local producers say ‘Buy Bellarine’

Local producers say ‘Buy Bellarine’

Tom Bennett   |  July 13th, 2012

A MULTI-million dollar fresh food network on the Bellarine Peninsula is expected to be up and running within two months.

The scheme involves several large retail outlets that will stock only locally grown produce, meats, seafood and wines.
The business will be run as a co-operative made up of Bellarine-based primary producers. The concept will be marketed to shoppers throughout the Geelong and Surf Coast regions with the slogan “Buy Bellarine”.
The idea was announced at the recent “Bellarine 2050: The Way Forward” forum attended by businesses, the community and government representatives.

Committee executive director Tom O’Connor said the retail and associated marketing campaign would benefit tourism, agriculture, aquaculture and beef and dairy production. The co-op will be managed and run by the Committee for Bellarine.
Buy Bellarine
” Our fresh produce is world class and it is important local people support local producers, ” he said.
“The campaign will help create employment opportunities for local people wishing to work on the peninsula.”
Mr O’Connor said the location for the first warehouse-sized outlet was still under discussion.
“We are looking at a spot just south of Portarlington and another east of Drysdale,” he said.
“Once the concept becomes established we hope to open a chain of outlets throughout the peninsula.”
He said the concept would be formally launched in conjunction with local primary producers in mid-August.

PLEASE Select the Buttons below to Register your interest,



Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future / Symposium Workshop Outcome Notes

Committee for Bellarine : Bellarine 2050 Our Place Our Future / Symposium Workshop Outcome Notes.

 2011 FORUM I  – Vision, Direction & Values

The Bellarine has a past steeped in farming, land management, aquaculture, equine industry, recreation and tourism.

The region is literally a ‘greenfield’ for sustainable development viable for all townships – not yet overdeveloped, overpopulated or destroyed by overuse and is a perfect environment of mixed-use inland areas with both bayside and ocean coastlines.
Symposium Workshop – October 2011.
Interested members of the public were invited by the Committee for Bellarine to the Bellarine 2050 Symposium Workshop and participated in the development of a strategic framework aimed at supporting initiatives for the future growth of  The Bellarine in a multiple stakeholders’ environment.

Keynote Speaker:  Professor Hisham Elkadi

Deakin Head of School of Architecture & Building
and Chair of Academic Board.

Symposium objectives:

• To identify current challenges, pressures and opportunities related to the future growth of the region;
• To define key issues in the region;
• To establish a Framework for the future growth of the region.

Below are the issues that arose and were considered to be of importance to all.

Vision, Direction & Values


Give direction
Address difficulties
Semi-urban garden city
Separate from Geelong
Need Vision/Direction
Clear identity for the Bellarine
Vision – anchored by community values
Learning society
Driven by principles & ideas- not rigid plans


Separate Council for Bellarine
Separate Council
Planning – specific Dept for Bellarine
CfB invite representatives from each Town
Community voice
Links to CoGG Councillors
Links/influence into Local, State, Federal bureaucracies


Establishment of an iconic arts precinct
More cultural capital for the Bellarine
Define Bellarine culture


Expanded education hub – off Grubb Rd
Tertiary education
Applied sciences & engineering


Great sense of community
Community planning – long term
Individual communities – need to glue together
Places/venues for people to congregate
Ecologically sensitive and knowledgeable society
Encourage & maintain volunteerism


Preserve heritage aspects of Bellarine
Maintain village ethos

Land Use Planning

Planning – proactive statutory & strategic
Control expansion
Preserve boundaries of coastal settlements
Retention of scenic quality
Encourage “in-fill” development
Urban development that respect carrying capacity

Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Maintain lifestyle
Community wellbeing – social infrastructure
Housing choice/affordability – ownership & rental
Youth involvement & interaction
Services for ageing population

Local Economy

More local employment
Emphasis on local employment
Tourism – active throughout the whole year in all Bellarine towns
Festivals spread out – not on same weekends
Grow tourism industry
Sustainable tourism
Protect & promote tourism
Tourism – central location – higher profile
Tourism – consistent with lifestyle
Boating precinct- marina development
Support recreational fishing
Farm based tourism
Cottage industries in tourism
Protect fishing industry
Only two genuine Bellarine farmers – excluding wineries
Food security CoE – hydroponics

Investment strategy

More local business services – i.e. accounting, banking
Transport infrastructure solutions
Drysdale Ring Road
Water ferry – to/from Bellarine
Extension of rall across the Bellarine
Solar monorail

Safe cycling routes

Promote bikes & pedestrian facilities and network
Walkable suburbs, communities
Better connected Bellarine communities
Aged friendly transport


Protect natural landscape
Plant-out & protect areas
Green regeneration – planning & envisioning
Paddocks to forest
Don’t mess with the ecology


Harness tidal power
Self energy communities – get off the grid
Waste reuse
Understanding of water, food, energy needs

Proudly supported by :

  • Peddle Thorpe Architects

  • Atlantis Resources Corporation

  • Renewable Energy Solutions Australia


2012 Bellarine Wreck2Reef Open Water Swim 10th March

Bellarine 2012 Wreck2Reef Open Water Swim 10th March

2012 Wreck2Reef Swim Classic –

REGISTER Here – Direct Link

THE annual Wreck 2 Reef open water swim will be held on the north Bellarine on Saturday March 10th 2012.

The event is staged by the Indented Head Yacht Club in conjunction with Point Lonsdale Surf Lifesaving Club, and the Committee for Bellarine and many sponsors and contributors who have ensured the success of this classic event.
Wreck 2Reef Open Water Swim Classic

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